2019 Dates and Pricing

Date and Layout Location Pre-Registration Price
Monday June 3 (Technical) Grand Bend Motorplex $140
Friday July 5 (Modified) Grand Bend Motorplex $160
Monday July 15 (Reverse Technical) Grand Bend Motorplex $140
Friday August 9 (Alien) Grand Bend Motorplex $160
Monday August 26 (Reverse Alien) Grand Bend Motorplex $140
Friday September 20 (Technical) Grand Bend Motorplex $160
Saturday October 19 Grand Bend Motorplex $160

Notes: Pre-registration price applies when registering AND sending payment at least 1 week prior to the event. Any registration after that has passed will add on $20. All pricing is tax inclusive and includes a BBQ lunch.

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If you decide to add more dates after you’ve submitted this form, send us an email (kwsportracing@gmail.com) and we’ll add them on for you!

If you need to cancel a date you’ve pre-registered for, send us an email (kwsportracing@gmail.com). You can do this up to 7 days prior to the event for a full refund. After this, there will be no refunds provided.

Book early! Registration will be capped at 20 riders per group.

Day Overview

Time Description
6:30pm the day before Gates open, camp overnight if you’d like! (Gates get locked at 10pm)
8:00am Gates open
8:30am-9:20am Tech inspection
9:30am-9:45am Mandatory Rider’s meeting
9:50am Sighting lap - Required for all who have not been to GBM before
10:00am Lapping starts
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Lapping resumes
6:00pm Lapping ends

Depending on attendance, we will either run 2 or 3 groups at our discretion.

Mentorship Program

To allow newer riders to get the most out of their trackday experience, we are implementing a mentorship program. This allows you to ride in sessions below the group you registered in if you have a friend you are helping out with lines/technique.

If you are riding in a session below the one you’ve registered in, you absolutely MUST respect the riders in that session and the corresponding passing rules. Please confirm with the marshalls prior to entering the track to make sure that there is enough room for you to join in.

Rain Policy

In the event that the forecast is showing a strong chance of rain, we will open a poll for those that have pre-registered for that day.

If the majority vote in favor of running the day, the day will be run as normal.

If majority vote against, that day will be cancelled and full refunds will be issued to those who have pre-registered

The decision on whether or not the day will run will be announced on our Facebook page 48 hours before the event. Those that have pre-registered will also receive emails to let them know of this update.



Located at 70292 Grand Bend Line, Grand Bend, Ontario


KW Sport Racing is ran exclusively at Grand Bend Motorplex (Grand Bend Raceway). The excellent facility and multiple track layouts make it very welcoming and is a key factor to our decision of renting the track.

Layout is decided by poll sent to members that have pre-registered. It will then be updated on the site at the top of this page; usually 5-6 days before the event.